This is a written word from me. To be. You are. Are. What is this? What are you? Who is you? Are you? Are you reading this? Or did I lose you already? Reading. Writing. Write and read. What does that mean to me and to you.

You must use anything which comes to you naturally.
An artist must not be influenced by superficial thoughts of others around them. Although, you must be open to other thoughts, feelings, visions, lives etc.
Artists must be feeling free.
A work must be a mirror of the maker or a relationship.
Hearing must be felt.
Feeling must be seen.
Seeing must be tasted.
Tasting must be smelled.
Smell must be known.
And all the above mixed.
A painting must be in bright colors. More bright colours should be smaller in amount than less bright colours on a painting. Black and white can be used if the work brings dimension and vibration.
Any work must be a massive mass of lightness. It must be a big small space. It must be a moving statue and a static movement. It must contain time, space and mass. It must be softened hard and hardened soft.
Things can be often contradicting and conflicting but it is not a must.
An artist must make a manifest in order to complete the course.
Or maybe not.
One must find their soul, body and the world. There, you must live your passion and make the world a better place.
People, start with yourselves and around you because small is big.

Writing. I see. A sea. We flow in there and it rains. And there, there is no writing. No technology. No art. No human. There is pulsing from our cores which makes all other things the way they are. ‘Pulsing’ is as far as the human mind can go to explain what we are. And we can only speculate from nothing to nothing which is nice. Some meaning. And important. To use this for that and that for sus and sus for so, which is this again. Thus, nothing. It’s all nothing…and still.

1.3.2017 Den Bosch